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Take your strategy formulation process to the next level using a proven framework.

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Digital investments have increased over the years and more so recently due to the pandemic. Total spend on digital transformation is expected to reach $6.8 trillion between 2020 and 2023 according to IDC.

99% of businesses have invested to some extent in digital transformation. However, less than 50% of companies…

3 great programs from Google, Y Combinator, and more

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The entrepreneurship journey is a high-stakes endeavor. Unfortunately, very few startups become unicorns, a few do well but most fail. Only 50% of businesses with employees survive past the first five years, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration.

These 3 courses provide invaluable knowledge and experiences to entrepreneurs and…

A guide to saving precious hours each week

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If you have been in Zoom meetings like everybody else, you probably noticed a few things: for starters, attendees routinely complain about technology. Sometimes it does not work and other times it is slow.

When people share their screen, it shows many different ways of working and getting organized. Once…

More than 50 Tips to Boost your Writing, Happiness, and Views

Writer at her desk and looking out for inspiration.
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Since last year I have published multiple articles about writing. They cover many topics which can be useful to new writers on Medium or anywhere else. Sometimes, they might even be helpful to accomplished writers. Maybe you want to learn new tricks and explore new ways of writing. …

Are you done with providing a free salad bar to the local wildlife?

Deer eats plants and love anything you grow in your garden.
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That might sound familiar. At first, you can barely notice it. You walk around your yard and notice a few missing leaves. A few plants look shorter and smaller than before. In some spots, you see new divots and marks in the dirt. …

Knowing these tools, shortcuts, and automation will make the entire process much easier

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I wish I could reach out to my younger self. I would send him a bunch of links to the resources I now have at my fingertips. I did not know what I was missing back then. I stumbled through the writing process. …

By boosting your content’s quality and your rank in search results

Writer learns how to go viral. She cannot believe her number of views and her ranking in search engines.
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There are plenty of stories about finding inspiration, writing better, and promoting content. There are fewer stories on how to go viral. On that less beaten path, checklists to get results are hard to find. Making a few tweaks behind the scenes and following a few rules can have a…

How to move on from romanticized tales and find a better way

The mythical wealthy writer types on her computer in the back of a luxury car.
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This post contains affiliate links that may compensate the author or publication when you click on links or purchase those products.

Shows and movies love introducing writers as cool, edgy, and happy characters. They can overcome anything without breaking a sweat. Imaginary worlds put them on pedestals for their contributions…

My checklist of quick and easy tweaks to boost your reach

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Today I will spare you the common tips you can find everywhere. I want to focus instead on the last and extra polishing touches; the ones that make all the difference.

I compiled this shortlist of extra steps based on my own writing experience as well as my extensive research…

Even if you see them time and time again

Guy walking on a beach and gleefully ignoring writing tips
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I find it pleasant in the morning to grab a warm cup of coffee to read stories from established or successful writers. So much content out there, so many ideas. Catchy headlines and incredible promises lure readers into well-crafted self-improvement stories. …

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